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Envios grátis para encomendas a partir de 30€
Envios grátis para encomendas a partir de 30€

Burgess excel rat nuggets 1,5kgs



Rats are omnivores – which means they’ll eat almost anything. Not that you should let them. In the wild, they’re scavengers and get all the nutrients they need from a varied diet. But as pets, they can be selective feeders. If you offer a coarse mix of grains, nuts and fruit, they’ll just choose what they like, buffet-style. And since they hoard food, you’ll be none the wiser.

To beat the problem, feed them an all-in-one food – Suparat Rat Royale is ideal. It has all the nutrients they need in every mouthful. And picky selective feeding is an impossibility. The feeding guide on the pack will tell you how much to give.

Rats love variety though, so give them the occasional healthy treat – Excel Nature Snacks are perfect. You can make a game of it and hide them round the cage. It’s a great pro-exercise, anti-boredom technique.

Fresh food should be given at the same time every day: once in the morning, once in the evening. Use a metal or ceramic bowl – they’re easier to clean, difficult to gnaw and harder to knock over. In the morning, take away any food left over from the day before.

Your rat should always have plenty of fresh, clean water. But from a water bottle, not a bowl.