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Envios grátis para encomendas a partir de 30€
Envios grátis para encomendas a partir de 30€

JR FARM Bee-friendly hay


JR Bee-friendly hay 1 kg JR Bee-friendly hay 1 kg JR Bee-friendly hay 1 kg


JR FARM Bee-friendly hay

With this hay we make our contribution to an intact world of insects, because our meadows are not mowed before June 15th. Why?


Because by then the colorful wild flowers, grasses and herbs are in full bloom and the insects and bees can help themselves at this fragrant natural buffet. Only then do we harvest our natural meadow hay, which is particularly rich in crude fiber due to the long growth period and contains many herbs *. In contrast to the expanding monocultures, we create new and natural habitats for all insects and bees and thus protect the biodiversity in our homeland. The abundant food supply from this unique habitat also provides bumblebees, butterflies and their friends with pollen and essential nectar.


In our house, the sun-dried hay is carefully packed by hand into the natural cardboard, which for reasons of sustainability consists of 23% grass. Our JR FARM bee-friendly hay is packed 100% plastic-free and the grass cardboard is stamped with natural color. The pre-punched holes can be easily removed and the box can be used as a hay rack or as a playhouse, which you can nibble on without hesitation.


* The less intense green color of the hay is due to the high crude fiber content, which is important for all dwarf rabbits and rodents for tooth abrasion and healthy digestion. This is in no way a sign of poor quality.


1 kg


Length: 37 cm, width: 21 cm, height: 45 cm