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Kostenloser Versand in ganz Europa ab 100 €

JRFARM Plastic-free Active Box

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  • Atenção: artigo frágil por ser de cartão fino, pode chegar um pouco amassado com o transporte, dessa forma fica aqui o alerta ‼️ O ideal é recolha em loja, pois o cartão é frágil. Não fazemos trocas. 

  • Game, fun and action for lively and hungry small animals! The JR FARM PlasticFree Active-Box offers lots of action with lots of variety. You can flexibly decide which parts you want to offer to your little furry friend. There are no limits to your creativity!

    The Active-Box made of grass cardboard is like a big playground for small animals. The animals can really let off steam and discover lots of treats at the same time. The pre-cut openings can be individually taken out and open the way to the inside. There, wonderfully fragrant hay rich in crude fibre from natural meadows in the heart of Bavaria is already waiting for the animals. There is also a colourful selection of nibbling and playing ideas that turn the Active-Box into a delicious fun park. For example, you can hang the willow ball or the gourmet tunnel anywhere in the box with the help of the enclosed sisal ropes, which is conducive to the movement and dexterity of the little fur noses. Or you can serve them the enchantingly colourful, healthy Grainless Farmy in the Carrot & Fenugreek flavour. Delicious dill sticks - which can also be poked through the cardboard at any point - encourage extensive gnawing, thus supporting tooth wear and at the same time having a soothing effect on the stomach and intestines. The Grainless Drops are a treat for pets in between meals or as a reward for their eager search if you hide the drops in the hay beforehand. As you can see: The Active-Box offers many possibilities to stimulate the animals' joy of movement, to dispel boredom and at the same time to spoil the animals with valuable treats. All components are of course natural and therefore suitable for complete consumption.

    The grass board consists of at least 30 % grass. Grass is a rapidly renewable raw material and is therefore a resource and environmentally friendly alternative. In addition, less water is needed during production and CO2 emissions are saved.

  • 1,1 kg

  • Size of the box: 35 x 35 x 35 cm.