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Envios grátis para encomendas a partir de 35€

Harrison digestive enzymes (probiótico) Fauna Flora 57gr

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Harrison Fauna Flora Digestive Enzymes is a natural product to improve digestion in any type of situation in healthy animals as preventive, with chronic diseases, underweight, with PDD virus and in breeding. It can even be used in birds with chronic pancreatitis, with nutrient absorption deficits, neonates with slow crop emptying, proventricular distention, in advanced age or in times of stress or illness. It can be mixed with Vitavet Omega, seeds or paste from the usual breeding of all types of birds and with food for any type of animal.

Characteristics:  Harrison  Fauna Flora Digestive Enzymes has been designed by expert veterinarians to help all those pets that end up showing symptoms of poor intestinal absorption, enteritis and hepatic lipidosis due to poor diets. 

   In birds, all non-organic seed-based diets contain pesticides and are deficient in at least 32 minerals, amino acids and vitamins. These deficiencies usually cause the loss of the normal intestinal bacterial flora, which any bird requires to be able to digest food and stay healthy.

   Directions:  Add a tablespoon full of enzymes for each kilogram of food or a pinch (fingertips) for each feeder that contains half a glass of food (50 g of seeds). It is recommended to mix 1 kilo of food with a tablespoon of  Vitavet Omega and a tablespoon full of enzymes. Keep in an airtight container and use as a daily food. The mixture is stable for at least two months.

   Composition:  Saccharomyces cerevisae  grown on corn, wheat, rye, malt, corn syrup and molasses.

   Constituent analysis:  crude protein (min) 12%, fat (min) 3%, crude fiber (max) 7%.